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How to bleed Campagnolo hydraulic disc brakes?

The bleeding procedure is (probably) identical for all hydraulic brakes by Campagnolo, but I'll focus on Ekar. Most of the steps are explained in Campagnolo's manual and the video, however it lacks ...
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How to bleed Campagnolo hydraulic disc brakes?

Good write up. A few notes: It shouldn't take anything like an hour after the 1st one. 20 - 30 mins tops. First time, maybe an hour for those who are not very mechanically adept. If doing a pair, ...
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Do Shimano RS100 wheels have two ratchets inside the freehub?

Yes, seeing only 2 of the 3 slots occupied is normal and what you'll typically see when you open one. I have no idea why.
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Creaking sound, stem extender/steerer tube assembly

I have found that there is an additional problem to fork extenders and installation causing noise; the trough bolt tensioning of the headset bearings is often substandard and made from mild steel. The ...
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How do I re-insert a chain pin that has been pushed completely out?

I know this is an old thread, but figured I’d chime in since I just went through this. I was able to get the pin back in the outer link. I followed a similar route to AccidentalBiker. I was in my ...
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1999 Giant Lafree Electrik, Only the diagnostic red light comes on. What is the problem?

I solved the problem by holding down on the reset button. Update: I should have said I held down the self-diagnosis button. It took a few seconds then I think I heard a beep and all the lights flashed ...
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