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Is bike tyre pressure info deliberately hard to read?

No, it is not intentionally hard to read. It is just shaped in the mould from the rubber material, but on reasonably new tyres, it is not that hard to read. The manufacturer's logo is a sort of ...
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Is bike tyre pressure info deliberately hard to read?

The pressures listed on bike tires are only the maximum and/or minimum pressure, not the optimal pressure. Optimal pressure is dependent on tire width, rider weight, front-to-back weight distribution,...
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Is it possible to increase the height of Elops 100 steering column?

You have a quill stem. To adjust it, back out the vertical bolt a bit (don't undo it completely) and then tap it in lightly like a nail. This should release the wedge and let you adjust the quill ...
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Is bike tyre pressure info deliberately hard to read?

The tire specifications, including recommended pressure, is usually (I've never seen an exception) molded in the tire, not written/added on later. This makes it a bit harder to read, but the specs ...
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Alright to leave or use electric bicycle in rain

I live in the Netherlands and, as said by Willeke in their answer, no half decent company would produce an e-bike which would suffer the rain and sell it here. However the other day I was talking with ...
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SRAM MTH 716/746 front/rear wheel hub service manual

As far as I can tell, looking back at archived versions of the product page for the 700-series hubs, SRAM never posted a product-specific service manual for that part. (The Internet Archive also has ...
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Pressure Washing Cassette, Chainrings, Chain

In my experience, a pressure washer will not "force" dirt and debris into the bearings, especially with a presoak using a degreaser. A pressure washer will either blast the crud away, or ...
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