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SRAM GXP crank partially stuck in bottom bracket

Have you checked the screw that's used to hold the cable guide on the outside of the bb isn't protruding into the inside and blocking the bb from moving?
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Opening a Shimano Alfine 8 hub (large dust cover)

I used a chain wrench for oil filters to open the the dust cover. The same chain wrench could be used as a sprocket remover.
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Shimano Nexus 8-speed gear unstable on hills. Struggling to calibrate

If you have the yellow ticks lined up like that when the shifter is in gear 4, that is correct and you've done all you can in terms of normal adjustment. The other dots are for lining up the cassette ...
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How to remove the lock lever on a 2020 Suntour NEX suspension fork?

Despite the problems you're experiencing, Suntour forks require the lockout lever to be pried off with a small standard (or slot) screwdriver. One wedges the tip of the screw driver under the lever ...
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What size replacement brake pads for the Brompton?

Brompton brake pads are made using Shimano Road specifications. So any pad compatible with Shimano Road brakes will work. Difficult to find "evidence" for this claim though (because of ...
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