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How do I attach this master link on the chain?

These master links require using the chain as a lever on either end to subtly bend the link, and press the plate on with your thumbs. The risk of using force with pliers is that it may damage the ...
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Strategy for waxing (reinstaling) 12 speed chains

There are, in fact, reusable 12s quick links. The Wipperman Connex 12s link just became available. It should be reusable for the entire life of the chain, as it doesn't snap closed. It relies on the ...
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How do I attach this master link on the chain?

I had one of those installed by a bike shop on my recumbent trike with 3 x 9 gearing, so if yours is the same it is for 8 or 9 speed chain, not for 11 speed. Installing them requires a special tool or ...
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