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Power pedals on a fully MTB (riding flat roads), later on road/gravel bike

The most common power meters are crank mounted pedals They both can be single or dual sided, but outside of some niche applications, single sided is enough. I own single sided crank power meters and ...
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Why only one front chainring for MTB?

"Better" is a subjective term. The 1x vs 2x vs 3x debate has been rehashed many a time. A 2x system's front derailleur is easier to adjust than a 3x. A 1x doesn't have one, so there is even ...
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How often should I replace my tires on my mountain bike?

At 20 years old, I would suggest replacing if you can afford it, but there is no real recommended replacement time. Generally, Mountain bike tires will show signs of problems long before they fail ...
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Is the framed cracked?

An universal method in similar cases is to apply some mild (non-destructive) mechanical tension over the detail in few different directions and see if the suspected crack changes in appearance. Even ...
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Is the framed cracked?

It could be just a crack in the paint or lacquer surface. It could be a crack in the carbon that has cracked the paint surface. It could even be a deep scratch. But from a photograph, we'll never know....
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Power pedals on a fully MTB (riding flat roads), later on road/gravel bike

Is the fact that there is the suspension "stealing" power? I assume that while the power measured by the pedals will not completely arrive at the road, it should be the power my body outputs;...
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Unlocking iPhone while cycling: face id vs touch id

Personally, Face ID is the only thing that works--I wear gloves when riding, and so I'd have to stop and remove a glove if I wanted to use Touch ID. It's very easy to use Face ID on the move. Just ...
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Can I switch to a new type of bottom bracket?

For anyone in this situation, as I do not see an absolute resolution here, I would not go with a shorter axle length such as the 113 which is 1mm shorter on each end, especially if there are tight ...
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