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Should I use slime-filled inner tubes or anti-puncture lining?

Liners are far superior to Slime tubes, and they weigh a bit less even when adding the weight of the tube and liner together. Then you have to add more slime into the tube every 3 months and in doing ...
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Im trying to bid on this auction and i took a picture of the storage of the bike and im trying to figure out what it is and if its worth bidding on

It's a Specialized Crosstrail Elite, 2016 MY. It will be a nice bike but valuable? Only you can decide whether it's good enough, you won't make a fortune reselling it....
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Can you identify this vintage Moor MTB

the first bike I bought with my own money, was exactly this model. I bought it in 1989 and your bike looks quite original. As far as I know, this was the first mountainbike Moor had produced.
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Why do I always get punctures in my rear wheel?

Your rear spokes are loose. As you land on your rear wheel from a jump, the rim flattens at contact and the spokes momentarily protrude into the tube.
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Occasional weird sounds from rear of bike

Be careful, the chain is so slack that is being caught between the rear tyre and the chain stay. It stops when your pedalling because tension is regained and the chain recovers into it's proper ...
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Occasional weird sounds from rear of bike

Your plastic spoke protector is rubbing against the cassette. When you pedal the two are not moving relative to each other and the noise stops. Squirt some WD-40 between cassette and disk and listen ...
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How to diagnose and fix a mechanical disc brake rotor that is bent without a tool

If the rotor is bent, it will contact one of the pads at a certain point (or area) of the rotation, but not all the time. Observe the gap between rotor and brake pad while rotating the wheel. If the ...
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I think my MTB chain is modified ( shortened )

We can't know, there are too many variables. There are however plenty of methods to determine a suitable chain length. One of the simplest is to make sure that it's just long enough to go round the ...
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Why aren’t Cannondale head shocks used anymore?

They are used. I ride one of Alison Sydor’s ‘95 frames, the geometry is custom only found on the team XC race frames. It came with a first of the Fatty’s: w/50mm travel damper installed in an aluminum ...
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How to upgrade Scale 930 to reduce weight and gain speed?

If weight is your main focus, compute the g/$ per upgrade and prioritise upgrades over that. The crank and cassettes are also easy ones on that regard. If the cost of the upgrades is greater than the ...
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How to upgrade Scale 930 to reduce weight and gain speed?

Scott Scale is not a slug of a bike, Scale is still reputed for its light weight no fuss pedigree. Shaving of weight in a way that makes a difference you are heading into $'s/gram territory. Current ...
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