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You can get a Rockshox Boxxer 29" DH fork in 180 mm length, that would do the trick.


The key issues relating to compatibility is the width and spacing of the cassette sprockets (and chainrings), chain design and the design of the ramps and pins on the sprockets and rings that facilitate shifts. SRAM followed Shimano up to 11 speed but I believe they diverged at 12 speed.


SPD pedals are fine on a road bike. In fact more of the road cyclists I know ride "MTB" or "touring" pedals than "road" pedals. These are a mixture of long distance cyclists, cycle tourists, and people who like to stop at cafés without slipping all over the place. The bikes in my gym actually have SPD cleats on one side, and toe clips (actually Look-...


Mountainbike shoes have the cleat recessed in the sole. Road bike cleats won’t fit in there, even if you had an adapter from 2 hole MTB cleats to 3 hole road bike cleats. You’d need an adapter which sits outside of the recess which would add a lot of stack height. There are road bike shoes which have holes for both types of cleats. However, the lack of ...


Consider a different sock for hot rides - some of the modern technical fabrics could be more suitable and removing heat from the foot. Perhaps purchasing a lighter-coloured pair of shoes for summer rides, with more ventilation holes. That way your shoes and cleats will last twice as long. If the black colour is the root cause, perhaps some white/light ...

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