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Tire flat after 2nd trip on Brand New Ancheer 500W Ebike

Based on this... The correct tire pressure for riding on the road is probably somewhere around 30-40PSI. Too ...
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Rear wheel deflating instantly after pumping

Find what caused the hole and fix the issue. Remove the thorn or glass, etc. Check this answer for how to find the flat cause. Patching is cheaper but requires a little skill. New tube is easier and ...
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When I press down on my presta valve cap when it is open why is no air coming out

Did you unthread the small acorn nut at the top of the presta valve? It should turn about 4 turns and once loose, you can press the top down and air should come out. If you don't open this nut, air ...
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Can anyone help me identify the model of this Viking mountain bike?

It is what it says it is: A Viking (brand bought by Avocet, which is now Insync) VK200, Dual suspension. I found the eBay auction your picture is sourced from, which gives us a bit higher-res view. ...
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What tool do I need to adjust the brake cable here?

There is more than one way to adjust brake pad "tightness" (I'm assuming this means that the brake pads are too close to the rim). To answer the question. Pictured is the brake cable anchor ...
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Running DUB wide crank with 52mm chainline

Presuming you have FC-XX-1-C2/00.6118.608.001 it shouldn't be a problem to do this with a 6mm offset ring. I believe that is the only permutation of XX1 DUB Wide, but SRAM often makes it difficult to ...
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I need help identifying this "Mystery Bike" (could possibly be a real ferrari?)

Coming at your question from the other angle, there is a Filipino bicycle manufacturer called MOB for "Men on Bikes." They claim to have been selling since 1998, so there's some overlap with ...
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I need help identifying this "Mystery Bike" (could possibly be a real ferrari?)

Few facts: Michael Schumacher was at the Ferrari F1 team from 1996-2006, so this bike very likely dates from this period. Even if it is a custom-made one. A quick web search shows that such MSC ...
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