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I would definitely take it back to the store and ask them to shorten the cable. It's a simple thing and should be done within five minutes, costing them cents only for the new cap.


Nope, it won't hurt anything. It's unlikely, but the worst case is that you might knock the cable crimp (the cap on the end of that cable) off eventually, which could then cause the cable to fray, which would then eventually need to be replaced. I would try to bend the cable so that it is tucked away behind a piece of the bike frame or the front derailleur ...


It sounds from the audio like the tyre is rubbing somewhere. The sound is certainly related to the wheel because the frequency speeds up and slows down with bike speed, not pedalling. You say the tyre isn't rubbing, but the sound doesn't happen when bike is unloaded, so perhaps when it is fully loaded, the frame is flexing enough to cause a rub - is there ...


From your description it sounds like the 'bottom bracket' bearings have become damaged. These are the bearings that the crank axle runs in in the frame of the bicycle. To confirm, turn the cranks by hand, if you feel an area of extra resistance, any 'grinding' or a 'notch' or 'clunk' that the cranks pass through the bearings need replacing. I found a lo-...

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