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Ask the distributor. 00000000


If you visit all the bike shop in the area (+-20 mi), you will find one that carries the required items. But how much do you value your time :D ?


What is a possible fix for this problem? Loctite. Blue. I have an FSA-based SRM power meter where the self-extracting crank bolt simply will not stay properly torqued without using Loctite. That's probably pretty similar to the problems you're having. And I'm not backpedaling or skidding with that bike... I bought the SRM crankset used, so maybe it was ...


I know nothing about these external things. Why do there seem to be more of them for sale than cartridge bottom brackets? Do they have larger, longer-lasting bearings? Would it benefit me to consider one as opposed to the cartidge BB's that I have been using recently? There are two things that last longer with external bottom brackets. Firstly, the bearings....

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