If your question fits this tag, it's probably considered Off Topic for bicycles.SE. Questions that ask to compare two brands or pricings will end up being closed. Try and word your question as generic rather than specific.

This post on the Stack Exchange blog may be helpful when posting these questions: Q&A is Hard, Let’s Go Shopping!

This is a punji-trap tag - questions tagged so are very likely to be closed as off-topic. SE is all about building long-term useful answers to practical questions, and product recommendations are considered off-topic.

For example "should I buy a 2011 canyoneero CX or a 2012 spasherlised hardtail?" is really only useful to a select few people in the position of choosing from exactly these two models. Admittedly, some of the points may carry over.

Another OT question is "what bike light should I buy?" because this will vary a lot on the specific user's need, location, and budget. Additionally models tend to go away after a couple years and get replaced by the next thing.

Instead, these questions might be generic-ified as "What features/differences would make me choose a CX bike vs a hard tail MTB?" and "What features are most important when looking for a front light for night time road commuting after dark?"

Both of these rewritten questions may use specific products as examples, but specific products aren't going to answer the question directly. For the Light question "warning that the light's battery is running low" is the answer, and a supporting point might be "cheap Chinese lights lack this feature" and "the dogeye 123 gives 1 hour warning which is enough for the entire commute home."