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I'm currently in the middle of winter, still commuting about 26 km each way to work on my M5. I have some fresh observations. Yoga pants make an excellent base layer. Recumbent riders get no real benefit from padded cycling shorts or bibs. However thicker yoga pants work superbly well to keep the legs and groin warm. Shoe covers work very well at sealing ...


This is a low racer: The frame goes lower than the wheel's axles, and as a result the rider's shoulders are somewhere near even with the top of the wheel. In extreme cases, the rider's head looks to almost rest on the back tyre. It can be very hard to see forward from these positions, but its the most aero. This is a high racer: The lowest part on the ...


In my experience, a higher bike will be seen easier and sooner than a lower bike. I have had multiple riding events where I've been blocked or obscured by vehicles so another road user (driver) makes decisions based on what they know and what they can see. If you've not been seen, you're not part of their decision. Likewise, being lower provides a worse ...


I found a link to this thread from a related search. I bought an electric fat trike from China. Attached is a photo of how the Chinese engage the rear brakes on a trike. One cable from the lever, then the two cables are joined at the lower frame.

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