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Your local bike shop should have access to either Shimano spares to order the right part. Expect it to be expensive. A "gack box" of assorted small parts left over from previous jobs - something in there might fit. Or your final option is to take the one out of the other shifter, and measure it. You need the width, length of thread, head shape ...


Leaky Shimano brakes very commonly leave a characteristic ring of oil where the piston contacts the pad. If that spot is dry, the bias becomes looking elsewhere for the leak, namely the hub. If you have the ring prominently, you're probably replacing the caliper. Sometimes with leaking calipers you can get to an answer by using alcohol and a rag to get the ...


I found this which suggests that you'll have to open it by force - I'd try a razor saw if there's no obvious edge to pry. You may not need to replace the battery - if there's a protection circuit that is refusing to charge just because the voltage is too low then careful manual charging may bring it back to life (or it may make the cells bulge and burst ...


Bottom brackets are not crazy expensive. Just play it safe, and replace it.

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