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Chain stuck between chainring and frame

Just happened to me. I stopped pedaling immediately. I had no tools with me. I was 40km from home. I think I was lucky.. I didn’t force the chain forward rather I leant the bike on a bush and gave the ...
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Why using a puncture repair kit instead of a new inner tube?

I carry a spare tyre because sometimes I can't find the piece of glass or metal that has punctured the tube. If I am sure where the puncture is, because the piece of debris embedded in the tyre is ...
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How do I troubleshoot a cycle computer?

After 3 years, I had also bad contacts between the computer and the mount due to slack on my Cateye Velo7. Solution: I added a tiny bit of soldering to the contacts on the computer side. Removed the ...
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Unused puncture repair patch - what's its useful shelf life?

I bought 48 puncture repair patches from aliexpress in 2017. From about a year ago (or 5/6 years after purchase) I have found that I don't seem to be able to repair punctures anymore, whereas I could ...
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