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Replacing pulley wheels on a RD-m3100 with non original parts. Can I use other Shimano pulley wheels?

Today I did the swap with no issues. As stated, the mentioned pulleys are the same width of 8.2mm between the two metal covers. They are the same number of teeth, and the fastening bolt is the same ...
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Shimano 105 thru-axle freehub FH-R7070: freewheel body servicability and separately orderable?

Whilst the freehub may not be serviceable, it does appear that a replacement is available, the part number that you want is either Y0CK98040 (with washer) or Y0CK98050 (without) For example https://...
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FSA B3155 bottom bracket compatible replacement

Well, I bought the one FSA suggested - it was too small. Maybe I used the wrong words to describe the problem both to the FSA support and here, I'm not sure. By "the cup got damaged" I meant ...
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FSA B3155 bottom bracket compatible replacement

Orbea's site does not say it as clearly as I'd like, but you are looking for a PF86 bottom bracket. Confusingly, the page for your bike says, emphasis mine: Frameset specs: Orbea Orca carbon OMR 2024,...
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Bike repair put a 700-20 tire on my 700-25 road bike, should I replace it?

Road bikes often have Presta valves. These have an "acorn nut" on top which needs to be loosened to allow the stem in the middle to push into the valve under finger or air pressure from the ...
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