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Old bike: replaced rear axle but the tire goes off the axis when I get on it

Have you considered changing the whole wheel? I wonder if the core of your axle may be worn or bent.
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Did this part come from my bicycle?

If you check this video: Youtube, "Installing a Bontrager Duotrap S Sensor on a Trek Domane": At 1:32, the guy who's installing the Duotrap holds a rubber ...
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Nakamura bike brand?

I Have Nakamura custom made bike for my sister... Explorer? I´ll check it next time... It was a pretty awesome deal back than from my sis´s bf... It wasn´t been driven for 7-8 years and for the last 5-...
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How does paraffin chain wax perform in winter conditions (snow, road salt, -20° C)?

In my experience with immersion waxing, when temperatures drop a few degrees below freezing the wax in the chain stiffens and starts to impact shifting. You adjust the barrel a little and get going, ...
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How does paraffin chain wax perform in winter conditions (snow, road salt, -20° C)?

The home-brew wax lube I use (paraffin wax and tungsten disulfide powder in a slow-cooker) doesn't seem to like the cold (noticeably higher friction) even only down to -10 to -15C. I don't commute in ...
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Bottom bracket differences

That's indeed a tough one, as very often neither the specs or the marketing material is sufficient to understand clearly the difference. The difference is usually in the quality of the bearings (seals,...
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I have a e bike tricycle. Its butchered. I need a wiring diagram

You're right - you really do need a wiring diagram or more info on that specific brand/model. Everything depends on the design and the parts. So start by googling up all the part numbers and see what ...
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