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Wheel scratched carbon on ride

For reference, this answer offers general guidance on what to do if you're not sure if a carbon frame is cracked. That answer contains some photographs of abrasion damage from the infamously muddy ...
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Wheel scratched carbon on ride

I don't see any frayed carbon fibers, nor any cracks propagating from the worn area. I've raced on a bike with much worse tire rub on its seat stay - again, with no frayed carbon fibers or cracks - ...
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Are wider tires on a road bike a good idea?

The benefits of wider tires has been discussed in the other answers if you want stay within the rated limits, so I won't develop it. There are some points in the question that suggest that you may ...
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Is there any problem with running tubeless on non-tubeless rims?

I've used tubeless tyres on non-tubeless rims on the road three different setups: Vision Team 35SL 17mm inner rim with 26mm pirelli p zero. Fulcrum wheels (forget which ones) 16mm inner rim with 26mm ...
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Are wider tires on a road bike a good idea?

For long days in the saddle, on rough paved roads, 32-35mm tyres provide a significant comfort benefit over the likes of 25mm, when run at an appropriate pressure. Riding in the dark also benefits ...
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Are wider tires on a road bike a good idea?

Yes, it's extremely practical. There are in general two reasons to favor wide tires at lower pressures. One is riding on soft sand roads. On such roads, a narrow high pressure tire can squirm a bit, ...
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Nine speed derailleur on 10 speed cassette

It works. So if you have older road or fitness bike with 10 speed road Shimano shifter and want bigger cassette than 11-28, you can use 10 speed Sram/Shimano MTB cassette in size 11-36 and one of 9 ...
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Fork size and suitability

So we're discussing the same thing, here are the specs of the fork on an '07 Roubaix. Specialized FACT carbon with Zertz inserts, rim brake compatible, straight 1⅛" steer tube, 100mm spaced open ...
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improve speed and climbing Cannondale CAAD8 Ultra

It is not clear if you want to go faster on hills or improve the gearset (they are different). I will answer the title question, how to improve speed and climbing. Off bike spend is probably your ...
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improve speed and climbing Cannondale CAAD8 Ultra

If you want to improve performance, in terms of value for money, the groupset is probably one of the worst options: if you have an 11-34 cassette, you’ll get more intermediate steps with a more recent ...
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I would like to know if a Pinarello is authentic or not - how to tell?

I have the same frame but from 2014 with internal cable routing. The livery looks on point but a couple of differences stand out to me: can't see in the photo but it seems like you are missing the ...
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