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How to diagnose and fix a mechanical disc brake rotor that is bent without a tool

If the rotor is bent, it will contact one of the pads at a certain point (or area) of the rotation, but not all the time. Observe the gap between rotor and brake pad while rotating the wheel. If the ...
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brake rotor offset inconsistency

Just a cumulative update on the massive amount of work this takes. I was rocking the Avid Road BB7 caliper. The BB7 pad has tabs that press inward to the wheel and interfere with the spider. After ...
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brake rotor offset inconsistency

It is normal for there to be slight variations in rotor tracks, even between rotors of the same brand. Because of the very narrow tolerances with disc brake pads, even these minor variations become ...
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I can't unscrew the rotor bolts

Rotor bolts usually have threadlocker on them (if you buy new brakes, you'll see it as blue stuff on the screws). You need more torque than a screwdriver style tool (unless you can get a good grip ...
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