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Did this part come from my bicycle?

If you check this video: Youtube, "Installing a Bontrager Duotrap S Sensor on a Trek Domane": At 1:32, the guy who's installing the Duotrap holds a rubber ...
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Is it unsafe to put a stoker stem on the front?

I used an adjustable stem on a touring bike for many years. I had no problems. Mine only had 15 degrees rise but that won't make any difference. If it works on a solo bike I see no reason it would not ...
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Safety vest: is an all-reflective one fine?

I can now contribute with some anecdata of my own: today a colleague commented how easy it was to see me in my reflective vest when driving. (This was in rainy weather on a semi-dark morning, so I ...
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Is it unsafe to put a stoker stem on the front?

I've used stoker stems on recumbents to optimise the fit, and they work no better or worse than a normal threadless stem. Two gotchas though - there's an extra point of adjustment for length, so ...
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