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What's the easiest way to re-use 2 oz bottles of tire sealant?

The caps from 2 oz plastic vanilla extract bottles fit perfectly. The cap from the 4 oz glass bottle on the far left in the first picture is larger, but the other three caps are interchangeable. There ...
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Why does Tire Sealent have an Expired Date?

The natural latex one can deteriorate with time. However, this expiration date is not a "Use by". It just says how long the properties "like new" are guaranteed. The latex can get ...
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How long does it take to add 2 oz sealant through valve?

That is not normal. You should be able to put the syringe fully through the valve stem and into the interior of the tire. You have something blocking the inside of the valve stem, and it is most ...
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How do I stop a removable valve core from leaking?

It’s unclear to me why you’ve removed the valve core. The valve core is the least likely culprit of this problem. If you have a tubeless setup, I’d make sure the bead is sealed up, the valve lock nut ...
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Will Stans No-Tubes (or other tubless tire sealant) work in a standard tube to prevent leaks?

I have used Stan's in my tubes for six years on my bicycling touring. After over 12,000 miles I've never had a flat! My touring bike has tubes with Stan's and my MTB is tubeless with Stan's. The ...
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Should the valve core of a tyre that's set up tubeless have some goo from the solidified sealant?

Not normally in a new install. You might see a small amount of fluid coating the core. It normally takes some months of use to see evidence of clotting in the valve. You’ll start to find it harder to ...
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How do I stop a removable valve core from leaking?

Ignoring any other possibilities Try putting in a core from another tube. Maybe it will work. or Throw in a small cup of tubeless sealant now the core is out. Usually seals up small leaks very well. ...
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