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How to pull a carbon seatpost out of a carbon frame?

use drain cleaner, NaOH sodium hydroxide, in a syringe or in drops. make a fully saturated solution with water and drip those drops down the edge. let it work its magic. this can be used to dissolve ...
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What kind of seatpost this is?

Kalloy is a company that makes stems, handlebars, clamps, seatposts and other bicycle parts. On their website is a long list of seatpost models both rigid and susupension. You may be able to match up ...
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What kind of seatpost this is?

In the generic sense it is a two bolt, zero setback seat-post. Visually it appears to be aluminum but could be some other alloy. As stated previously, the diameter can only be determined by looking ...
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What kind of seatpost this is?

In one sense, the most useful information would be to know what diameter it is. You need calipers to be sure. Visually, it looks like a 27.2mm post, the most common diameter1. In some sense, you most ...
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