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Nothing on a rental bike should be removable or adjustable by the renter. Everything including wheels and seat posts should at the very least need a wrench to remove/adjust, and ideally should need a special tool with a security fastener. Yes, that means you'll need to adjust the seat post height when you send the bike out. That shouldn't take more than a ...


I think the best solution would be to use a seat collar with a security bolt and then pre-adjust the seat height when they check the bike out. Perhaps have some seats on the ready with extra long seat posts for people who need a higher saddle height.


If these are beach cruisers or similar, they'll typically have 22.2 or 25.4mm seatposts (7/8" or 1"). If so, putting longer seatposts in all of them would be cheap. This isn't scummy if what you're dealing with is a bunch of seatposts that are just too short for a one-size bike. If you haven't already, make sure you're hooked up with one of the ...


I assume they are extending the seat post that far because they need it for an appropriate saddle height. So the solution is simple: Offer bikes with larger frame sizes or at the very least equip the bikes with long seatposts which can be extended far enough. Any other solution would force your customers to ride with a too low saddle. If you still want to ...

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