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Shimano left shifter ST-5800 shifting between LOW and HIGH TRIM

That's normal behavior with Shimano STIs since you want a solid and reliable shift onto the large chainring, jumping to trim position first would affect that rather negatively, in most cases you are ...
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11 speed XT mountain cassete with 105 derailleur and shifter

Yes, it does have the same spacing, and with the 1.85mm spacer it will align perfectly on an 11-speed road hub.
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Do I need a specific Sturmey Archer indicator chain/rod and cable?

Nathan has given you a good starting point from a practical perspective. As to whether this is a good idea: I have used non-indexed friction shifters i.e. bar end shifters and SR Suntour 'thumbies' to ...
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Do I need a specific Sturmey Archer indicator chain/rod and cable?

Yes, the indicator rods come in many lengths and several thicknesses. They're inexpensive and available, but figuring it out from scratch can be a pain. The way it works is that there is only one ...
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Setting the Ritchey Venturemax handlebars in gravel

In my humble experience the drops are crucial in any rough terrain: CX, drops, jumps. The other hand positions only mimic a crippled CX bike. Theoretical advice is a nice starting point but the only ...
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