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Yes! The Avid Matchmaker part I ordered from Amazon fit exactly with the Guide T brakes. I ended up just using the bolt and the two small metal pieces. I saved the “big” bracket that actually attaches to the brake lever because there was nothing wrong with mine and didn’t feel like removing, installing the new part and adjusting the lever.


I had this same question... looks like the Guide T uses the original MatchMaker design from Avid. I found it on Amazon here in the US I just ordered one pair to see if it works with my brakes. I'll post later how it went.


Another consideration is how much it might annoy you to have two mis-matched brifters while riding. I had to ride with one black 105 shifter and one grey RSX shifter for a while due to damage, and at first it didn't bother me. However it was grating, so after a few months I found a matched set of 105 shifters and the bike looked so much better. I have a ...


The shifters on your left and right side don’t have to match. They can even be from completely different manufacturers. On road bikes it can be problematic because when riding “on the hoods” (the riding position you should spend most time in) your hands are resting on the shifters. If the two have a different shape it could introduce an asymmetry to your ...

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