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Is Shimano GRX Di2 Bluetooth compatible?

It's possible, but with an optional module (EW-WU111) or a screen that has bluetooth connectivity. If your bike doesn't have it, you can install it afterwards. The following video explains how to do ...
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Bent shift lever on Shimano Deore MTB shifter

It is not necessary to look for a metal pipe of the required diameter. Any glass bottle with a standard narrow neck will do (For example, a beer bottle). Its neck is strong enough and has the required ...
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Order of setting up new shifting system

I have stands that hold the bike's rear tyre just off the ground. It really helps with stability while faffing with gears. My order would be: Install tyre/tube and cassette on wheel, and put wheel ...
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Order of setting up new shifting system

The most logical order of operations when starting from nothing is: Install rear wheel and cassette Install RD and set the limits based on the pulley centerline to the appropriate positions on the ...
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