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Can shifting front derailleur while not peddling cause damage

Most likely that no damage has been done. If the front derailleur (FD) was forced very hard it is conceivable that some damage could occur, but it is unlikely. Also, the six-hour time duration ...
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Which replacement sprocket and chain ring should I get for a Shimano Alfine 8?

There is a dealer's manual for the Alfine Inter-8 on the Shimano website with the following table which says that the chain ring model is FC-S501, sprocket CS-S500, with possible teeth ratios of 45:20,...
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Shimano 105 rear derailleur is very noisy on bigger cogs

The video demonstrates what is (to me, at least) a perfectly reasonable amount of noise from a chain crossed between the extremes of the cassette and chainrings. That gear ratio is better achieved in ...
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Have to replace the groupset of my Breezer (Altus/Deore) but want to upgrade to another group

Another thing to be aware of when going from 3x9 to 1x11: It's not just about the top and bottom gears - the jumps between all the available gears in between can matter too. You will lose a lot of ...
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Have to replace the groupset of my Breezer (Altus/Deore) but want to upgrade to another group

TLDR: it is straightforward if you consider that not having the ratios that you currently have on the largest chairing is fine. If you like to keep the ratios that you have on the largest chainring, ...
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11-36 11spd Cassette with Shimano RD-M8000-GS?

The idea with the minimum tooth count for the low sprocket is the b-gap (distance between the guide pulley and the cog) has limits to how far in it can be adjusted. Exactly how far off it will be with ...
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Why has my derailleur reposition itself so that its out of place?

The chain currently appears to be too long. It's close to impossible to diagnose from your photo, but would you check your upper pulley wheel is OK. If it has disintegrated and fallen off, it would ...
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Shimano nexus 3-speed hub gear, yellow dot does not move when adjusting

How dirty is the bike/gearbox? I'd wonder if its jammed up on some road debris or compacted dust. When I worked on these before, the rear box-thing is removed by backing off a large grub screw, maybe ...
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What size mounting bolt does a Shimano SL-M7000-11 take (pic included)

I was missing the Y0GV98030 for SL-M7100 SLX shifter. Pretty much the same bolt. Always out of stock everywhere. But... Just ordered a Y06N98030 and it's done the job perfectly. So guessing the ...
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