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Get one of the spokes out ans measure its length. It is a primitive method, but by far the simplest one. Less accurately, you could try to measure it on the wheel and account for the hidden part in the nipple, but I would not recommend it.


When I absolutely have to do this, I very carefully measure with a ruler, ideally one that's graduated to the end, from the elbow to the spot that goes into the nipple, then add 10mm. I take the measurement in a couple different spots until it's coming out the same, because it's finicky. This way is accurate enough. 10mm errs short, which is what you want to ...


The length is what matters, so if they claim to have the right length for a different wheel you could use those - but it would be a sign of a clueless shop. Otherwise better to order the correct length. 275mm for that front right is too short, nearly 3mm under, while for the rear right you're either under or over. Many places stock 2mm increments; my local ...

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