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Assuming your shell is either 68 or 73mm, you need the DUB 68/73 ISO (aka threaded aka BSA) bottom bracket. (SRAM calls it BSA instead of ISO, which is psychotic and shows naked and remorseless will to confuse). You need the larger size of the Shimano-pattern outboard BB tools to remove your old BB and the Dub size one for the new BB, which is the same tool ...


When i look in my catalogue at aftermarket hoses and connectors (perhaps from Elvedes), the main factor with olive and barb compatibility is mostly relating to the hose, in instances where the compression nut is basically the same size. So to avoid problems, you use the olive and barb suitable for the hose you wish to use. Where you are certain the outer ...


For anyone still wondering. YES, you can. Been riding my Zee:s with the red Sram Olive for a summer now without any issues at all. As I prefer the way the Sram olives connects with the hose, this is how I will be running all my Shimanos in the future!

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