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Much sooner than any corosion you will have problems from sand or other mud particles getting between the seatpost and the seattube and causing horrible clicking with every pedal stroke or when shifting your weight on the saddle. You can try applying the trick I employ, having myself big proplems with that even without any grooves. So far I used electrical ...


Another option is to cut a longer length of old inner tube, and put it over the seat post before mounting to bike. Then once the height is right, lower the "skirt" over the top of the clamp. Its not perfect on your bike because there's little "throat" above the clamp, so for you there will be minimal overlap. Sorry. Aside - your bike ...


The best thing to do is apply a thin layer of grease to the inside of the seat tube and the outside of the post (only the part of the post inside the seat tube needs grease) and set the seat height according to what fits you. The layer of grease will prevent the odd drip from causing rust. If the bike is stored in a dry place after riding in the rain it will ...


You could use silicone caulk to seal up the grooves. You can probably find caulk in black which would blend in. You want caulk that’s designed for kitchens, bathrooms or exterior that seals and resists water.

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