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Yes, do not use them here. They will be impossible to get to full tension without windup on a rim even remotely as stout as that. What's likely to result is a wheelset that could have been rock solid will have constant issues with spokes going loose. If you want to run fancy spokes, Supercomps are about as light as make sense here, and the 1.8mm tips give ...


Get panniers with dual zippers and lock em, or sew zippers on them Also zip tie to frame.


Presumably you're saying you have the bike set up now with 2x10 Shimano flatbar road shifters, so the left shifter along with the FD will need to change regardless if you get a trekking triple type crank. It's not clear what you're asking and whether or not you're starting from the place of planning on getting a compatible shifter and trekking FD to go along ...


Some general rules of thumb: The front crank does not care how many speeds are in the back. 9-10-11 speed chains all have the same internal width, it is the external width that is different. Using a 10 or 11 speed crank with 9 speed chain and vice versa provides acceptable performance in my experience. I have had very good luck using deore XT 10 and 11 ...

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