Tricks are bicycle-riding maneuvers that can be for show or for effect.

So you're pretty good on your bike? You can go fast and stop on a dime? You can stand still for many seconds without touching the ground?

Sounds like you're into tricks. These are maneuvers with your bike that look good (ie they're done in front of people to show off) or maneuvers done on your bike for a purpose (ie they help you go faster or dodge some thing) Or both at the same time.

An off-road racer might consider a "power slide with dabbing" to be a technique for getting around a loose corner faster in a race. Or if its dusty and there's no race then its for show.

A road rider might bunny hop a pothole to prevent themselves from bulldozing into it and pinch-flatting, or worse denting or cracking a rim.

A little kid might say "LOOK MUM NO HANDS" and that's totally a cool trick. Then Peter Sagan wheelies his road bike in a race, which is also a trick for show.