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Why are my pedal cleats rattling?

In your second image, the cleat contact point where the tip of the cleat hooks in looks somewhat worn out. This might be already enough to make the cleat wobble slightly. As already mentioned in the ...
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SPD Pedal/Cleat Grinding Noise

Noises can sometimes be easy or other times difficult to identify the cause. You gave some good info on trying to narrow this down. Over time a shoe can break in a bit, and along with cleat wear, ...
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Is it economically advisable to replace cassette and chain to protect the crankset?

It seems odd that the front chainrings alone can't be replaced if this is a decent crankset. Perhaps the next step after the chainrings get worn out would be to get a crankset where you can replace ...
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SPD Pedal/Cleat Grinding Noise

Turns out it was my seat rails, not my right pedal. The way I mount my seat clamp is around plumbing silicon around the seat rails, in order to avoid such noises.
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