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Looking to understand the math behind spoke length calculation. Help?

Not giving the mathematics, just what I think are the required steps and using previous answered illustrations. 1st step. Calculate the spoke length facing the wheel from the side, so I would think ...
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Can two consecutive spokes be connected on the same side of the hub flange?

No, never, not even in any of the more offbeat patterns I've ever seen. You'll need to take a step back and think through what's needed to correct the mistake. There is at least one other spoke out of ...
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Stability of home made wheel

I need a new wheel to support more weight (136kg combined for bike, freight and rider) Totally doable. I used to weigh 110 kg, and rode on a 20 kg e-bike. I could carry more than 6 kg cargo. The ...
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Stability of home made wheel

The first question is whether it's a front or back wheel. Assuming the latter there's no reason to limit yourself to 32 spokes. I'd go for 36, and indeed have for similar loads (front and rear, but ...
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