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Loud squeal from front wheel - mechanical disc brake, QR axle

Got to the bottom of it. Was the mudguard! Tyres are thick and pretty knobbly and it was rubbing and squeaking against the mudguard. Not what I expected but just glad it's resolved. Will invest in ...
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How do I stop a removable valve core from leaking?

It’s unclear to me why you’ve removed the valve core. The valve core is the least likely culprit of this problem. If you have a tubeless setup, I’d make sure the bead is sealed up, the valve lock nut ...
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I'm building a bike trailer and i am STRUGGLING with wheels

To the extent this is a request for product recommendations, it is off-topic because we don't do those here. Any shop can get 27" front repair wheels for that price or under (each), and there are ...
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Which Wheelset to upgrade to a Gravel-Bike?

In my opinion, there are a few pitfalls that make a 2000s alloy road bike hard to turn into a gravel bike, so you need to make some compromises, depending on the type of gravel riding you want to do. ...
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Unable to backpedal - jockey wheels on Campagnolo derailleur

Problem solved, but not for any obvious reason. During the long ride, the tiny magnet that activates my computer fell out of its holder, and I presumed was lost forever on a country road. I had ridden ...
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How do I stop a removable valve core from leaking?

Ignoring any other possibilities Try putting in a core from another tube. Maybe it will work. or Throw in a small cup of tubeless sealant now the core is out. Usually seals up small leaks very well. ...
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Are locknut forks and quick release forks the same and interchangeable?

Probably. If they were bolt on then a quick-release hub will likely fit. Both are 100mm width.
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1950s Raleigh Winkie tricycle tyres

Doing a small dip into the search results for these trikes, it seems there were a lot of them made, primarily for the UK market. That being the case, it's possible the easiest path to getting to an ...
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