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touring as a sport. Very long rides with a time limit.
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The aft wheel(s) of a bicycle or tricycle. In most bicycle designs, the rear wheel is the drive wheel but this is not always the case especially with recumbents and tricycles.
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a bicycle (or tricycle) that places the rider in a laid-back reclining position.
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for questions that will be useful as references, or for questions about reference material.
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Deprecated. Don't use this tag. Instead use tags for the continent, country, area within a larger country and/or major city as appropriate. E.g. "europe italy" or "us new-york".
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Reliability (engineering) and also a branch of statistics, the ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time.
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broken. REPAIR is not the same as MAINTENANCE, a separate tag. Repair is what one does only when something is broken. Maintenance is what one does on a regular ba…
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Replacing parts, compatibility with existing or new equipment, finding suitable substitutes for old OEM parts, and so forth.
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Questions referring to the braking system in which pressure is applied to a track on the rim of the bike tire.
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The outer edge of a wheel, holding the tire.
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Rim tape separates an inner tube from the spoke holes in a wheel's rim, protecting the tube from punctures on that side. Rim tape uses an adhesive to hold it onto the inner well (not the continuous fl…
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Roads - defined linear sections of adjacent land designated for travel.
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Bikes designed for road use only. Could be any road-only bike, but typically means bikes optimized for speed / racing / club rides with drop handlebars, narrow tires and a crouched-forward rider posit…
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a type of cable-operated drum brake manufactured by Shimano. It is commonly found on their internal gear hubs.
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designed to support most but not all of the rider's weight. The saddle's nose also assists in balancing and steering.
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Riding safely, safety equipment, and safe places to ride.
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