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Refers to the thin rods connecting the wheel rim to the hub.
a profiled wheel with teeth that meshes with a chain. Bicyclists normally call the front sprocket attached to the cranks the "chainwheel" and the rear sprockets either…
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Questions that specifically deal with SRAM components. (No need to use if SRAM is an incidental part of the question.)
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A stationary (fixed bike) used as for exercise rather then transportation.
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the part of the bicycle that secures the handlebars to the fork.
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Shimano's brand of electric bike powertrain.
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How and where to store your bicycle when you aren't riding it.
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a record-keeping tool for rides and runs.
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Protection from the sun. Sunblock, sunscreen, hats, shirts, etc.
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The specialized system(s) of a bicycle that insulate a rider from rough terrain.
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Any questions relating to riders of greater-than-average length/height.
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a sub-class of [framebuilding] for bikes that are built to be excessively and ludicrously overheight. If you can stand over your stopped bike, this is not the tag you want. See [tall] for t…
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Any bicycle with more than one person simultaneously providing power. Includes trandems and other unusual variants.
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How to improve your cycling form -- whether you want to pedal with less pain or become more aerodynamic. Can also be used for mountain biking or BMX techniques such as hopping or jumping.
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Bicycles from fiction, and questions to do with specific bikes in stories regardless of the media presented.
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For questions about words, phrases and definitions that are specific to bicycles.
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Relating to the Tern brand of folding bicycle https://www.ternbicycles.com/
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The rubber attached to the rim of your wheel. Flats, changing tires, selecting tires, etc.
get tires/tyres on and off the rim of a wheel.
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