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a metal with an extremely high strength-to-density ratio. When processed correctly, it is a very high quality but very expensive choice for a strong, light-weight bicycle frame.
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Tools you use for repairing, maintaining, building, etc. Pump, chain breaker, wrenches, spoke tool, repair stand etc.
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Touring usually means very long multi-day (or multi-week) rides carrying a lot of gear (camping, cooking, clothes, etc) on the bike. Can also apply to unloaded/creditcard touring involving using hotel…
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designed for long distance cycling with luggage. They are usually similar in design to road bikes, with slick tyres and drop handlebars, but have a wider range of gears, longer wheel…
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Questions relating to the Shimano groupset known as Tourney.
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Questions referring to a cyclist's interactions with other vehicles, mainly motorized ones.
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Kid trailers, cargo trailers, pet trailers, anything you pull behind your bike. Could also mean an Xtracycle or similar tag-along bike.
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Questions referring to the use of indoor bike trainers, also known as "turbos"
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Training rides, training for rides, preparing for training rides, equipment for training, and training routines.
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should be used for all questions dealing with the transportation of bicycles from one place to another (not using the bikes themselves as a form of transportation)
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to journey or traverse
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a designer, distributor and manufacturer of bicycles and bicycle parts.
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a three stage event consisting of a Swim, Bike and Run (at various distances).
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bicycle-riding maneuvers that can be for show or for effect.
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tricycles where you will sit upright (like a traditional children's tricycle) and those where you are more recumbent. If there is only one front wheel and two re…
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Interesting facts about bicycles that one might use at a pub game.
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Tubeless tyres do not require an innertube.
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