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a three stage event consisting of a Swim, Bike and Run (at various distances).
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bicycle-riding maneuvers that can be for show or for effect.
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tricycles where you will sit upright (like a traditional children's tricycle) and those where you are more recumbent. If there is only one front wheel and two re…
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Interesting facts about bicycles that one might use at a pub game.
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Tubeless tyres do not require an innertube.
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Questions referring to the Union Cycliste Internationale, the governing body for sports cycling
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Related specifically to bicycling in the United Kingdom.
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Single wheel pedaled vehicle. May be designed for on-road, off-road or trick use.
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Making a choice between upgrading a bike you have or simply buying a new bike.
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Questions referring to the process of replacing current components and frames with newer, better versions
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Related specifically to bicycling in the United States of America.
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Valves allow air to enter pressurized chambers (such as tires and suspension forks) and remain there. Common bicycle valves include Presta, Schrader, and Woods valves.
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generally considered more than 50 years old, but in the bicycling world anything more than 20 years old is usually considered vintage as well.
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A decline with use over time. (not clothes)
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Questions about the weight of a bike, other equipment, or the rider.
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Questions referring to the craft of assembling bicycle wheels.
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For questions about wheel locks, also known as O-locks, ring-locks or frame locks. These are low security locks on the frame that immobilise the rear wheel by putting a steel bolt between the spokes. …
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