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an interface between parts that turn and parts that do not. The hubs in the wheels contain bearings, as do the bottom bracket, the head tube, and the pedals.
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Belt-drive bikes use a reinforced toothed polymer belt in place of a chain. Belt-drives are paired with a single speed or internally-geared rear hub.
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about bicycles, so the tag is redundant. Do not use.
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Questions referring to electronic devices which typically track a cyclist's ride metrics, such as their speed, distance, cadence, etc
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How to get the right sized bicycle for you or adjust your bicycle to fit you better.
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pertains questions related to products of Bike Friday specifically.
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For questions on the subject of bikepacking (ultralight camping with a bike)
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Questions comparing bikes or types of bikes, and how to choose between them.
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For questions about bike-sharing schemes and their hardware
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a style of off-road bicycles used for racing and stunt riding. It also refers to the sport itself.
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Used when describing an otherwise unconventional and often risky/dangerous - way of fixing a problem. Ideally a short term solution that will be fixed properly ASAP.
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The part of your bike that contains the axis the cranks arms spin 'round. (The crank arms are where the pedals attach.)