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If your question fits this tag, it's probably considered Off Topic for bicycles.SE. Questions that ask to compare two brands or pricings will end up being closed. Try and word your question as generic…
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designed to support most but not all of the rider's weight. The saddle's nose also assists in balancing and steering.
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Also called "flat". Ways to avoid punctures, deal with punctures, etc.
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a ratcheting mechanism, that coupled with a set of gears, is that threaded onto the rear hub of a bike. The freewheel allows the rear wheel to engage and move when the pedals are spu…
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Bikes that have no gears/shifters, and no freewheel - the pedals are always spinning when the bicycle is moving. Note that fixed gear is not the same thing as singlespeed, which has its own tag.
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generally considered more than 50 years old, but in the bicycling world anything more than 20 years old is usually considered vintage as well.
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Frames or components made from carbon fiber, possibly even about carbon accessories.
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a type of bicycle with a single gear ratio. These bicycles are without derailleur gears, hub gearing or other methods for varying the gear ratio of the bicycle.
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a gearing system contained within the rear-wheel hub of a bicycle. All the components are contained within the sealed hub, making them less susceptible to the elements when…
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Questions referring to the part of a bike that extends upward from the seat tube on the frame to the saddle.
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Cycling in cold weather, on snow and ice, in wet weather. Clothing and equipment issues relating to winter.
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Competitive bicycle riding. Trying to go faster.
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Electric Bike (e-bike) specific issues, including batteries, controllers, chargers, and motors -- as well as the legal or social issues surrounding their use. Not for liquid fuel bike kits.
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Refers to the thin rods connecting the wheel rim to the hub.
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a form of bicycle racing consisting of short laps over many differing terrains, typically including grass, sand, mud, pavement, rocks and anything the course designer finds at the race s…
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Questions that specifically deal with SRAM components. (No need to use if SRAM is an incidental part of the question.)
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Questions referring to the component fitted on or inside the head tube, which allow the steering tube to rotate freely.
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The aft wheel(s) of a bicycle or tricycle. In most bicycle designs, the rear wheel is the drive wheel but this is not always the case especially with recumbents and tricycles.
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Replacing parts, compatibility with existing or new equipment, finding suitable substitutes for old OEM parts, and so forth.
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Questions relating to the act or mechanisms involved with moving the chain from one gear to another.
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a style of off-road bicycles used for racing and stunt riding. It also refers to the sport itself.
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Tools you use for repairing, maintaining, building, etc. Pump, chain breaker, wrenches, spoke tool, repair stand etc.
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Hybrid bikes combine elements from different types of specialised bikes to make a bicycle suitable for a wide range of riding conditions, which can include road riding, commuting, or leisure riding on…
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The clothes you wear when riding, whether they're bike-specific or everyday.
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Questions referring to the process of replacing current components and frames with newer, better versions
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Questions referring to the cause and cessation of creaks, squeaks and other abnormal bike noises
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Repairs, maintenance, mechanical issues, or drivetrain parts.
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Chain lube, oil, wax, grease, and other slippery stuff for bike components and frames.
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an interface between parts that turn and parts that do not. The hubs in the wheels contain bearings, as do the bottom bracket, the head tube, and the pedals.
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a clean bike. How to keep your bike squeaky clean effectively and safely.
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Bicycle brakes and shifters use Bowden cables to transmit braking/shifting forces from the hand controls to the appropriate place.
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How to improve your cycling form -- whether you want to pedal with less pain or become more aerodynamic. Can also be used for mountain biking or BMX techniques such as hopping or jumping.
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installed on your bike. For the sort of rack that you park your bike in, please use the PARKING tag.
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Part of a wheel hub that holds the wheel to the dropouts.
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The types of shoes that you might wear while cycling -- from flip flops to clipless shoes. No shoes also count as shoes.
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Health issues affecting cyclists: comfort, pollution, energy, ...