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The part of your bike that contains the axis the cranks arms spin 'round. (The crank arms are where the pedals attach.)
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Hand control for actuating your bike's brakes.
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Squealing, screeching, thumping, whatever... brakes should be pretty quiet. When they're not, use this tag.
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The part of the brake that absorbs the friction during the braking action.
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Disc/rim/drum/coaster brakes; braking technique, maintaining brakes, anything else about stopping a bike.
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a popular brand of folding bicycle designed and manufactured in the UK.
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BSO stands for Bicycle Shaped Object and refers to a cheaply produced but poor quality bicycle commonly sold in flat packs at big-box stores, mail-order, department stores and anywhere else but local …
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Building a bike starting with a frame and adding components to it. If you're starting with tubes that's "framebuilding".
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Bicycle brakes and shifters use Bowden cables to transmit braking/shifting forces from the hand controls to the appropriate place.
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the number of revolutions of the crank per minute; roughly speaking, this is the rate at which a cyclist is pedalling/turning the pedals. Cadence is related t…
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Brand-specific questions relating to Campagnolo groupsets and components.
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Frames or components made from carbon fiber, possibly even about carbon accessories.
Carrying stuff with your bike, using racks, backpacks, trailers, etc.
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Carrying your bike(s) on a car
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A cluster of sprockets, commonly 5 to 11 of them, attached to a freehub on the rear wheel.
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a bicycle ride of at least 100 miles (160.9 km).
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Repairing, maintaining, or replacing the chain on your bike that connects the front of the drivetrain (cranks, chainrings) to the back (cogs, cassette).
for single-chainring bikes (1x or "one-by") and are used to keep the chain from falling off the single chain-ring.
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The cogs (gears) at the front of your drive chain, connected to the cranks.
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