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Questions referring to the braking system in which pressure is applied to a track on the rim of the bike tire.
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Questions referring to the craft of assembling bicycle wheels.
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The types of shoes that you might wear while cycling -- from flip flops to clipless shoes. No shoes also count as shoes.
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how to go faster or how to go faster safely. For questions about gears or derailleurs, use 'gears'
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Stuff you add to a bike but aren't absolutely essential. May or may not actually bolt on. Such as rack, fenders, bottle cage, water bottle, bike computer, lights, bell, etc.
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the part of the bicycle that secures the handlebars to the fork.
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used to secure bikes. Common varieties are cable/chain locks and U-locks (D-locks).
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a profiled wheel with teeth that meshes with a chain. Bicyclists normally call the front sprocket attached to the cranks the "chainwheel" and the rear sprockets either…
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Dents, tears, scrapes, scratches to your bike received in falls, crashes, parking failures, roof-rack collisions, etc.
Bicycle pumps pump air into tires and suspension forks.
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Inexpensive bicycle goods and services. Maintenance and repairs done cheaply, etc.
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Building a bike starting with a frame and adding components to it. If you're starting with tubes that's "framebuilding".
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Kid trailers, cargo trailers, pet trailers, anything you pull behind your bike. Could also mean an Xtracycle or similar tag-along bike.
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A protective head covering worn cyclists.
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Concerning laws concerning bicycling, and their enforcement.
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Questions about the weight of a bike, other equipment, or the rider.
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Hand control for actuating your bike's brakes.
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Roads - defined linear sections of adjacent land designated for travel.
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Power meters and all related data analysis. Power meters measure direct force applied to one of the pedals, crankarm, crankset, rear hub, or other methods. They use cadence in conjunction with t…
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The part of the brake that absorbs the friction during the braking action.
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designed to fold or collapse for ease of storage.
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built or modified for commuting
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The part of the rear hub which holds the casette. It employs a ratchet and turns only when you pedal. Track bicycles / fixies don't have one.
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designed for long distance cycling with luggage. They are usually similar in design to road bikes, with slick tyres and drop handlebars, but have a wider range of gears, longer wheel…
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Locking your bike and keeping it safe, especially from being stolen.
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Tubeless tyres do not require an innertube.
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Questions referring to the use of indoor bike trainers, also known as "turbos"
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Questions referring to a cyclist's interactions with other vehicles, mainly motorized ones.
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Front, rear, and side lighting for your bike as well as helmet lights. Incandescent and LED lights. Dynamo hubs, rechargeable batteries, and step-down circuits from ebike batteries are also included a…
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For questions about shopping for bicycles or other equipment; please note that questions seeking product recommendations are off-topic, because they tend to become obsolete quickly.
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Questions referring to electronic devices which typically track a cyclist's ride metrics, such as their speed, distance, cadence, etc
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