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Relating to friction-reducing skin lotions applied before a ride.
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The action of storing electrical energy inside a battery for later use.
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a finish used to protect steel from rust.
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a clean bike. How to keep your bike squeaky clean effectively and safely.
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Questions referring to the attachment on the bottom of cycling shoes which allow a cyclist to "clip-in" to their pedal system.
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Questions referring to the art and practice of riding up inclines.
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Clipless pedals and shoes connect together with a special cleat, as opposed to using traditional flat pedals with toe clips.
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The clothes you wear when riding, whether they're bike-specific or everyday.
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Clydesdale (and its female equivalent Athena) refer to riders who are built more sturdily than the average rider.
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Coaster brakes aka back-pedal brakes, actuated by pedalling the cranks backward.
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Riding to and from work. Other cycling primarily for transportation. Carrying stuff. Picking a bike. Related issues.
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built or modified for commuting
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compatible with what other components
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How to convert part or all of your bicycle from one type to another. For example, from a derailleur bike to a fixie; from an upright to a recumbent; or from dropbars to straight bars.