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the combination of components that convert motion from the rider's leg movements into rotational motion to drive the chain and propel the bike. The crankset includes one or more chainr…
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Crash - a collision with something else that damaged the bike or the rider.
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noises in your bicycle that show up when it is ridden. Creaks can range from unnoticeable up to highly irritating.
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Training in areas other than cycling
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Questions relating to alterations, not simple upgrades but creating one-off unique parts or altering parts in a unique way.
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a form of bicycle racing consisting of short laps over many differing terrains, typically including grass, sand, mud, pavement, rocks and anything the course designer finds at the race s…
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Dents, tears, scrapes, scratches to your bike received in falls, crashes, parking failures, roof-rack collisions, etc.
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Mechanism to move the chain from one sprocket to another.
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to be used for damage to derailleur hanger, finding/identifying specific hangers and modifications/repairs/fabrications of hangers.
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Questions referring to the derailluer responsible for moving the chain along the cassette
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Questions referring to Shimano's electronic groupsets
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Two wheels side by side, rider between them.
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Disability refers to cyclists with disabilities or injuries that make it difficult to cycle. For the specific modifications needed for the bicycles to make it easier for disabled cyclists, see the tag…
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Brakes with a disc near the hub and calipers that grip that disc.
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an acronym for "Do It Yourself". Questions here are resources for enthusiastic amateurs working on their own bicycles.