Hi :) I'm Charlie, a Brit living in the United States for over 10 years now. By Day I'm a simple property manager in Brooklyn NY, off shift I'm a bicycle and now E-bike enthusiast, riding daily (Always to different parts of the Shore or beaches and Brooklyn's borough coastlines. At the start it was not just for exercise but to really get to know my new city, having not grown up here as a child and bikes are the perfect way to really explore and not have to worry about parking (just very quick 'lock busting' bike thieves lol, NOT that I'd wish that on anyone.) I'm currently attempting my first custom Electric Enduro Bike build and am having great fun devoting myself to that task with an added handicap of NO ALLOWED pro bike tools apart from an 'On Bike' daily toolkit. Doing it properly will challenge ALL your ingenuity and improvisation and you'll watch loads of Youtube tutorials, so Enjoy ;) . It's truly unbelievable how many different components and quality levels there are on bikes! The're marvelously efficient, but a little more complex machines, than we give them credit for it seems. Anyway, I've needed alot of help and advice in my hobby to date, from fellow enthusiasts to bike mechanic Pro's and LBS personel that deal with bike issues, 'day in, day out,' and so I feel that sharing any knowledge I've come by in the process would only be fair to share with others seeking the same information :) Have fun biking - Hope I see you out there on the trails :)

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