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What is a good iPhone app for bikers?
16 votes

Cyclemeter is my favorite ride tracker. If you are a bike commuter, you will appreciate seeing your splits and daily times. Endomondo is also a nice app, and runs on a variety of other smartphones. ...

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How to clean up at work after a commute?
13 votes

Lots of people have mentioned a full change of clothes, and to that I would add just one thing: have a separate "emergency" pair of socks/underwear with you at all times. If you have space, extra ...

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How do I determine the correct position for my bicycle seat?
12 votes

The best advice I heard on the topic is to sit comfortably on the bike while placing your heel on the pedal. Move the seat up until your leg is fully extended, and then tighten the seat. This way, ...

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Does it make sense to complain to companies about bad driving?
8 votes

It's easy to become angry and militant when you're cycling. It feels like cars don't respect you, and everybody's out to kill you. Nonetheless, yelling and giving the finger ultimately makes you ...

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How do I fix a puncture?
3 votes

I find that the easiest way to deal with this problem is to just carry a spare tube around with you so you can quickly get back on the road. Then you can patch the punctured tube when you get home. ...

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What are the reasons for and against wearing a bicycle helmet?
2 votes

Against: It's much colder in winter to wear a helmet with an under-helmet cap than a warm winter hat. (Of course, it's much more dangerous to bike in winter, so this argument is a bit of a moot point....

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