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How much smaller frame is ok?
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3 votes

You can use a bike that's "too small" or "too big" without too many problems, so long as you set it up properly for your own biomechanics. Try using this fit calculator instead: http://www....

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5 Month old bike, pedals and brake issue
1 votes

There's going to be a limit to what you can do to fix it without spending money on new parts. The bearings in your pedal for instance might have seized - you could take the pedal apart and regrease ...

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How can I ride a bike having severe spinal disease and pain?
1 votes

There's a few different kinds of bikes you could try. A charity called Wheels for Wellbeing in London has a list of some of them on their website, including trikes, recumbents, and handcycles (as ...

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