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By Day: Mac and design ninja 18+ years (first ex: MacIIx / OS6 / Photoshop 2). Creative for a professional web, application, mobile development company. Senior (Uni) lecturer (art / digital media) on occasion. British art school trained + 3 year graphic design / illustration Hons degree. Although artistic by nature, I enjoy tech so naturally put them together including early adoption of touch screen (95), desktop video (97 with Apple UK) and web application development as an alternative to software / SASS (99). I lead the brand, visual approach, content assessment, initial UX /UI of projects although I form a decent client bridge to my more technically gifted colleagues (who prefer to geek out and stay sat in their play room... sorry I meant development space).

By Night: Applefanboy offering Mac forum support, MOD (fashion, music, culture 60's focus, Steve Marriott / Who / Paul Weller fan), closet Beatle (most often seen wearing a turtle neck, narrow leg trousers and Chelsea boots), reader of Sci fiction with a soft spot for John Wyndham, Heinlien, Clarke, Wells, Verne and Stephen King who all entertained me in the dark of my teenage bedroom (and still do when my wife isn't looking!). Fixer of iTV's, computers, networks, tablets and phones. Sometime MS Windows user.

Married with kids and our pooch George, a daft but gorgeous chocolate lab.

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