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What is this "recumbent" trainer?
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The guy using it apparently is Hans-Henrik Oersted who was sponsered by chinelli. The company recently did a rerun of two jerseys to honor him. The picture can also be found on cinellis website about ...

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Compatibility Look-Keo/Look/SPD-Sl Plates & Pedals
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Actually the Look Delta are the oldest LOOK System i could buy in any shop. None of the shop owners/employees knew any other older system before keo. And the Deltas worked for all the old LOOK Pedals ...

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I need an StVZO compliant bike light. Any recommendations?
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The StVO laws for bicycle lights only define the minimum Voltage and some attributes like: "The Rear Light should not be able to blink". The StVO should be updated to use Lumen instead of Voltage ...

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