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caird coinheringaahing
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Hi! I'm caird coinheringaahing and I'm an moderator of CGCC, where I help keep the site clean and free of VLQ/spam, as well as post the occasional answer or challenge. I also hang out in The Nineteenth Byte, where I keep an eye on chat and do my best to keep it running smoothly.

Any traditional pronouns (they/he/she) are fine with me, though that order given is preferred. If you want to refer to me by name, either "caird" or "Jay" are fine.

If one of my answers doesn't work, don't hesitate to comment so I can update it. Furthermore, if any of my answers are lacking explanations, let me know and I'll add one in.

My profile picture is of my adorable puppy, Patch, wearing a seasonally inappropriate hat.

You can get in touch with me by:

  • Leaving a comment on one of my answers
  • Raising a moderator flag
  • Pinging me in chat with @cairdcoinheringaahing
  • Pinging me in the PPCG Discord with @cairdcoinheringaahing

Why my username is what it is

Posts I'm proud of:

My valuable contributions to CGCC that aren't challenges or answers:

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