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Profile changed = people are mad at me; fair play

The uprising of the majority of real Sinhalese Buddhists against the other minorities with foreign influence has arrived. Ghaddafi’s situation will not happen here. Ghaddafi was from a minority that was put into power by former colonial power and the majority overthrew them. Same in Iraq. There are more than 20 million in this country. They are all not on the road protesting.

What about the JVP, The specialists who assumes theories and make so-called believes (ඊනියා / so-callism), NGOs and Saharan නානාලා?

Use ########s instead of --- or ==== for headers.

My personal motto:

world sucks, do something that sucks less.

My social skills are near to zero, and so is my ability to formulate questions/comments/messages but here goes...

To avoid misunderstanding, here is a table that best describes me in terms of voting on the Stack Exchange network.

Things I never do Things I do
Downvote answers to give myself an advantage (a Adrenaline pump for example) Upvote if someone has spent a sufficient amount of effort
Downvote when others make a mistake Upvote without asking for upvoting back
Downvote for revenge
Downvote without a comment (If not I might build a bot, because without reasons to improve the question will be still bad)

I am an advocate for kindness.

Somethings from:

I’m interested in python, C languages, ML, wireshark, linux.

I’m currently learning python, VS code, Latex and how to butter up productivity in SO.

Strong opinions weakly held

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