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Bob Murphy
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I have many years' experience on macOS, Linux, and Windows, and have a history of successfully delivering remotely-developed software, written with robust, maintainable code, to clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 100 companies and the US government.

Recently, I've integrated open-source libraries into Linux and Mac programs, converted a macOS application from 32-bit Carbon to 64-bit Cocoa, fixed bugs throughout an 18 GB embedded Linux source code base, and modified the internals of GTK+, GDK, WebKit, and the X11 server and client.

Other development skills and technologies I've used include:

• Linux: Pango, Cairo, Clutter, glib, WebKitGTK, libxml2, kernel drivers

• Macintosh: Cocoa, Xcode, AVFoundation, Core Graphics, Quartz, Carbon, QuickTime

• Embedded Linux: ARM (XScale, OMAP, Tegra) and x86

• Windows: MFC, Visual Studio, LeadTools

• Raster and vector graphics, video and multimedia

• C, C++, Objective C, SQL, Java, Perl, bash, json, XML

• C++ 11/14/17, STL, lambdas, Boost

• jsoncpp, libpng, zlib, openssl, Doxygen, Qt

• Cross-platform development and ports

• Scrum, Agile, Kanban

• Perforce, git, Subversion, Jira, Redmine

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Feb 18, 2011