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Most of my riding is on tarmac, for commuting and fun (which includes Audax) but I do a little MTB as well as taking the tourer on gravel. The only person I compete with is myself. I have quite an interest in making cycling available and appealing to everyone.

My Eddington Number is 78 (in miles).

Me on Strava.

I mainly ride solo or with Audax Club Bristol, but also with Avon Outdoor Activities Club.

n = 3 (and a bit). I now have:

  • a Genesis Tour de Fer 10 (2017)
  • a GT traffic hybrid (2010ish) with child seat
  • a Saracen Tufftrax disc comp 29er hardtail (2017)
  • a Raleigh Michigan (rigid MTB, 1992) The back wheel died.
  • a Universal Wildthing Blowout (stupid name if you ask me). It's essentially a BSO clone of the Raleigh, and all other 90s no-sus MTBs. But for a bike that lives outdoors in a high-theft area and doesn't go far it works for me. More dead bearings.

I also look after the family's bikes including a kid's bike and a trailer, and do most of my own maintenance, and even small jobs for the neighbours' kids. I seem to end up modifying components and accessories quite a lot, or making custom parts like brackets and luggage.

Any code of mine that I publish anywhere on I hereby place in the public domain to the extent governable by law. Explicitly, I place it under the CC0. This also applies to documentation/instructions etc.

Opinions I post are mine and mine only unless clearly stated.

Attribution (especially if I say anything clever) is appreciated where reasonable - but specifically not demanded.

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