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My bike got stolen a second time (in Amsterdam) - what should I do? [duplicate]

I've moved to Amsterdam a few months ago, and have started using bicycles; I mostly cycle from home to work. I've been using typical old(ish) used bikes, black-color omafiets of some obscure make, ...
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How do I secure a new bike outside my apartment? [duplicate]

Alright -- this question isn't so much about locking up a bicycle. What are effective, practical ways to securely keep a bike, especially if you can't take it inside? Some points or ideas that would ...
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How to keep my bike safe around campus? [duplicate]

I am a new student in the US. I noticed that a lot of bikes were left with only a tire locked on a post. Therefore, I usually locked my bike on the water pipe outside my apartment. I put a U-lock ...
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Best type of bike lock (materials, style, etc.)

I recently lost the keys to my lock and had to borrow a bolt cutter to free my bike. It was a bit of an eye opener to realise a) just how easy it was for the bolt cutters to cut through my D Lock (<...
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How can I keep my bike safe in my garage?

I just got a brand new bike. I keep it in the garage, but my wife has a habit of leaving the garage door up. Right now, there's nothing in my garage that I can really lock the bike to. How can I ...
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How can I prevent my next bike from being stolen?

I park my bike in my building's bicycle room, in the parking garage in the basement. The garage door can only be opened with a remote fob, and the bicycle room is locked as well. In the garage, I ...
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Lock my bicycle on busy or quiet places?

When I lock my bicycle I try to lock it on quiet spots, usually on street racks situated on secondary streets. I think it will be less visible so it will attract less looks. On the other hand, if a ...
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Lock for extremely frequent use

Are there lock products out there specifically designed for easy handling when locked unlocked dozens of times a day? I'm using a normal, chain-based lock at the moment and I'm annoyed because I'm ...
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Kick-stand on a commuter bike?

If I get this commuter bike, should it have a kick-stand? One LBS said "no": they explained that stands are difficult to attach, weigh a bit, don't stay on well, and/or scratch the frame. I've never ...
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Help a new biker with bad fitness to become a bike commuter

I am interested in biking [and always has been] and I want to start biking lot more for fun. It's been long time since I biked when I was in high school and I lost touch. At this point of time, my ...
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Can a double loop cable stand up to cable cutters?

I am curious about this, and I don't see this question anywhere on here, nor via Google. I want to know if a double loop cable can stand up to wire cutters, because they don't seem like something a ...
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Commuting daily with an Expensive Bike, tips?

I have been commuting to work daily for years now. Sadly I just switched jobs and there is no bike parking, so I have to leave it in the street. My main problem is that I'm riding a Colnago Single ...
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Where do you leave your bike on cafe stops and water breaks?

Where should I leave my bike on longer rides when stopping at a cafe or going into a store to get water? Do you carry a lock in your jersey? Leave it outside? What is a good lock? What should I do ...
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Asking for Feedback about my Bike Lock Invention [closed]

I’m a college student and cyclist at USC. I’ve had three bikes stolen while at USC and it really annoyed me so now I’m doing something about it. I’ve created a lock that specifically secures the ...
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