I was thinking of upgrading my Tiagra derailleur with new 105 FD-R7000, but then I read that it might not be compatible with my 105 5800 crankset because the new R7000 crankset has different spacing between chainrings. Will I have a problem if I upgrade to a R7000 front derailleur with 5800 crankset?

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • You also need to check that your front shifter (105 5800 or Tiagra 4700?) is compatible with the R7000 front derailleur. – Argenti Apparatus Dec 5 at 14:56
  • all road front shiftters with double chainrings are compatable i guess. – Umut Birey Dec 6 at 18:57

Shimano lists the FD-R7000 front derailleur as compatible with the FC-5800 crankset in their products compatibility information, but the R7000 crankset wont be compatible with the old derailleur. enter image description here

  • what is the meaning of colors in this chart? blue, orange ? – Umut Birey Dec 5 at 10:09
  • 1
    @UmutBirey Orange means the component is discontinued and blue means its a new product. – airace3 Dec 5 at 10:34
  • Nice answer with reference doc. Can you add a link to the current location of that chart? – Argenti Apparatus Dec 5 at 14:12

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