Trying to find a rear derailleur hanger that works with the Shimano Claris R2000 8 speed, on my REI Co-op bike. Have done lots of searching on Shimano's site and Amazon and Google. What am I missing? I think Shimano doesn't have branded/proprietary hangers; if that's the case, how can I find another brand of hanger that I know will fit?

If helpful, the bike specs here: https://www.rei.com/product/106309/co-op-cycles-ard-11w-womens-bike.

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    See this question for an example of a solved query: bicycles.stackexchange.com/questions/60163/…
    – Swifty
    Apr 15, 2019 at 7:42
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    The mounting bolt on derailleurs is standardized to M10 , so all derailleurs will mount on all hangers (or frames). As answers say, it's the frame end of the hanger that is different on different frames Apr 15, 2019 at 11:05

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Derailleur hangers are specific to the frame, not the derailleur. Do you not have a hanger at all or is it just broken? If it's broken, then it's usually not too hard to find a matching aftermarket one from Wheels Manufacturing or derailleurhanger.com. Have you contacted the manufacturer to see if they sell it separately?


The hanger is part of the frame, not part of the groupset/derailleur.

If its a REI house brand, they will be able to supply exactly the right hanger.

Depending on price, you might consider a second as a spare for your on-bike toolkit. Remember they're "mechanical fuses" to protect your bike frame and to some extent the rear mech from further damage.

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