explain me about the rear suspension of mountain bike.

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    This question as it is is far to broad to give a concise answer. Think about explicit questions and ask separately.
    – arne
    Mar 10, 2014 at 9:04

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Here is a very rough answer to your very generic and open ended question:

A rear suspension (or shock), together with the front suspension (fork), allows the bike to handle more terrain roughness. This gives you:

  • safety
  • traction
  • ability to go faster

The main two types of rear suspensions are:

  • air sprung
  • coil

Generally air suspensions are lighter and better for XC, all mountain, enduro. Coil shocks are heavier, more linear and better for downhill. See What's the difference between All-Mountain, Cross Country, Freeride, Downhill bikes? for a reference on mountain bike types.

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