First time servicing a rear hub for me. I disassembled and cleaned my Shimano FH-M510 rear hub, removing the nut, washers and cone only from the left side of the axle. When I went to insert new bearings and grease I noticed a silver ring, and i don't understand where i have to put it (you can see it near the old freehub body).

rear axle

Did I put that ring with axle's parts by mistake? I just remember to have cleaned it from grease. Can someone help me? Thanks

Ok, maybe it's the left side dust cover enter image description here

  • I suspect the ring fits over the spacer (#12), and is used to hold the rubber boot in place. – mattnz May 23 '16 at 0:29

Nice picture. But you installed the dust cover (the silver ring) upside down. They way it works is that the bearings sit underneath it (but do not make contact) and are protected from all sorts of insults and wear. It keeps the grease in, and the bearings in place while servicing it.

The way it is now it will not allow for the race to be adjusted against the bearings. It's got to come out.

In the future, buy a small magnetic pick tool from a parts store. It makes digging out the bearings much easier and you won't be tempted to take it out. It's kind of a pain to get in there just right.

Good luck!

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